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Finally feel comfort in your belly
and enjoy your meals again 

Science - based  -   Personalised   - Holistic


​Can you relate to any points below?


  • Feeling bloated after cauliflower or beans?

  • Avoiding garlic and onion because you do not digest them well?

  • Feeling gassy after broccoli or leaks?

  • Having difficulties with passing the stool?

  • Going to the toilet too frequent?

  • Having stomach pain or discomfort?

  • Leaky gut, SIBO or IBS sound familiar to you?

  • You have tried taking different supplements, probiotics, avoiding food but still have not received satisfactory results?

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Fresh Lemons
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Nutritional Therapy and Gut Health

Nutritional Therapy applies nutritional sciences, functional medicine and elements of traditional ancient medicine in order to improve health naturally.

Nutritional Therapy considers existing health problems as an outcome of biochemical imbalance in our body and addresses the root causes of disease with nutritional and lifestyle intervention.  Impaired gut health is one of the main root causes of the imbalances in your body.

Gut plays a big role in keeping your health in good shape,  having a tremendous impact on your immune system, nutrient absorption, mood or detoxification.


There are trillions of bacteria living in your intestines, and they influence the protection barrier in the gut, produce vitamins and other substances which can be transported in the blood stream to different parts of the body, non -beneficial bacterias can produce toxins.. So it is important that we are the host to the good ones. 

Nutritional therapy uses 5R gut healing protocol 

5R protocol can help you to address your stomach problems in a gentle way while adjusting your diets and using professional products which will help to heal your gut and remove the symptoms.

5R stands for:

- Remove – food causing intolerance or sensitivity and non-beneficial gut pathogens (bacteria, parasites, yeasts)

- Replace - missing digestive enzymes, bile or hydrochloric acid

- Reinoculate - the gut flora

- Repair - the gut lining

- Rebalance - your lifestyle in order to support your gut


  • What can you get from the Gut Healing Program?



  • Higher comfort in your belly

  • Regular bowel movement

  • Improvement in your digestion

  • Flat stomach throughout the day

  • Deeper understanding why the gut plays such a crucial role in your health


What can you expect during the Gut Healing Program?

Diet Plan

  • 1,5  hour initial consultation with full health and nutritional needs assessment focusing on the entire health in your body (not only gut health)

  • 4 follow up consultations (withing 4 months)

  • food intolerance test with bio-impedance tool Wega-Med (stationary in Rotterdam or Gouda) or the food intolerance test online if not applicable - VIP option

  • professional gut microbiome test run by Genova Diagnostic (USA based) or Invivo (UK based) - VIP option

  • set of professional supplements supporting 5R gut healing protocol (from the Canadian brand New Roots Herbal, UK based brand Invivo or Nutri-Advanced)  - adjusted to the customer's needs

  • comprehensive nutritional plan, adjusted during the course of the program including:

    • most beneficial products to include in the diet

    • products to be avoided or excluded from the diet

    • meal's balance

  • a private Facebook group support

  • gut healing recipes inspirations

  • personalized lifestyle and additional therapies recommendation adjusted to your personality and goals (aromatherapy, flower essences, exercise, relaxation techniques)

Heading 1G

What results will you see after the Program?

  • Better digestion, nutrients absorption and elimination

  • Flat belly throughout the day

  • Regular bowel movement

  • Introduction of the healthy food you needed to avoid before

  • Implementation of the new eating habits supporting your health

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Side effects? ;-)


While addressing the gut health you may start noticing improvement in your skin, immune system, hormonal system, mood or even your vagina ecology.



Am I the right therapist for you?

I have been on my own health journey, I know how long it took to figure out what was the root cause of my acne, PCOS and low immune function.

In the second day of my life I was given antibiotics in the hospital without any strong justification. My mum did not have influence on it. Guess what happened? The gut microbiome of a little girl became impaired from the same beginning and impacted on my further health. I have always been sick as a child and given a lot of antibiotics, also in the injection form. 

When I became a teenager I developed acne, had frequent sinusitis, my period was irregular and I was overweight. All of it impacted my self-confidence and self-love which continued in my adult life. I remember how much I was dreaming of wearing a top while having all my back covered in acne - do you know what? Few year later

I did it! 

While working with me you will find a complete understanding of your health and implementing the nutritional plan gradually you will start feeling nourished, more energised and comfortable in your body.


My mission is to help you to find a shorter path to improve your health  in order to be more confident and happy and start living the life of your dreams. 

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My qualifications and experience

I am a certified nutritional therapist, a graduate of College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, one of the best colleges in London for natural, science based therapies. I have also attended many CBD trainings in order to broaden my knowledge and improve my therapy results, i.a. conferences organised by Integrative Healthcare and Applied Nutrition organisation with spectacular speakers. I am also a member of BANT and ANP - organisations for nutritional therapists in the UK. I am instant learner and extend my knowledge by reading books and listening to professional podcasts.


Since I graduated from the CNM I have been helping women in my online clinic. I supported women to achieve the highest level of health and beauty by improving their gut health, balancing female hormones, improving thyroid function, addressing period problems, helping to improve  skin appearance  and lose weight. We have worked on the mindset that taking care of their health is the best gift they can give to themself. This helps them to achieve higher level of confidence, female power and beauty and the energy to start living the life of their dreams.

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Get a free discovery session to find out if the Gut Healing Program is for you


I offer you the opportunity to discuss how your gut health is affecting your life at the moment and I can help you in your health journey.

We will look at the most troublesome health problems for you, what is causing it and how we can address it during the therapy.

  It’s your 30 minutes, 1:2:1 session with me. I will provide you with as much value as I can, map out a tailored plan for your first steps towards your healthy goals.

You will get an introduction to the therapy with me and we will be able to decide whether we want to work together.

You’ll leave the session with inspiration how to start your healthier lifestyle already from this day!

What is the investment?

The whole program is designed in the way that it will not require any further investments on your side because: 

You will receive a set of gut healing supplements worth 250 Euro

You will receive food intolerance test worth 150 Euro

You will receive personalized approach adjusted to your needs and health conditions.

“Health is the greatest gift,

Contentment the greatest wealth

Faithfulness the best relationship” –


Remember, big changes always start with small decisions. Choose to take action today.

I would be more than happy to help you successfully move forward with your health, the most presious thing we have in our life. 

I can’t wait to see you very soon!

Gosia Sojka - Nutritional Therapist

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