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About Gosia Sojka mBANT, mANT

I help young women and mums to improve their health and beauty naturally to start living the life of their dreams

Malgorzata Sojka Nutritional Therapist Blossom Nutrition
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My name is Gosia Sojka, mANP, mBANT and I am a certified Nutritional Therapist, a graduate from College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. Nutritional therapy is my passion and also a result of my own healing journey.

My interest in natural health support has started when struggling with acne and low immune system  I have tried many means to support myself.  As the traditional Western medicine was not giving me enough results and was only hiding the symptoms, I have decided to visit a recommended Mongolian doctor and this was my awake and the first step to get interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since then I ran allergy tests, met other herbalists, homeopath and all of the visits have helped me to improve my own health and taught me a lot about myself. I also found out what I would like to do in the future - to support other people with their health conditions and show others a bit shorter than mine path to a healthy living.

In my practice I provide comprehensive science-based therapy and my aim is to improve your health, beauty, and general well-being. My main focus is not the calories but nutrients and quality provided in our food. On top of that I take deeply look in the environment we live in, stress level and support the clients in the holistic way.

During consultation we look together at client's medical history and lifestyle plus, what is very important, I assess potential nutritional needs. This is followed by personalised nutritional plan, specialised gut healing program, meal suggestions with recipes and practical tips how to implement the advise in our busy life.

As a graduate of a somatotherapy course and believer of mind-body connection I implement also visualisation and meditations techniques which are additional support to my therapy.

Me as a mum

In my twenties my endocrinologist was always encouraging me to get pregnant soon in ordered to have children, my PCOS and hormone imbalance were the good reason for it -this did not happen.

At the beginning of 2017 when I was still a student I had a strong tummy pain and it was not easy to figure out the cause so I did the stool test. It came out I had high level of inflammation and imbalance of gut microbiome which also was influencing my hormones. I went through gut healing protocol and the pain was gone, I took also herbs to support my hormones plus I started doing seed cycling which is a great way to balance your hormones.

Shortly after, and for sure my endocrinologist would be surprised, the same way I was, I got pregnant with my son who is the best gift I could imagine to receive in my life, he was born in spring 2018. I was a big fun of breastfeeding and did it pretty long but it strengthen his immune system - he has never been very sick and on any antibiotics.

His BLW weaning started very well, with broccoli being one of his favourite but at the age of one he became a very picky child (what is natural in this age) and it was stressing me out despite the knowledge I already had. I decided to take it easy, read more books and worked on introducing new food into his diet. Compassion and patience helped a lot. Now I know how to encourage parents of picky easter to take more relaxed approach and still enjoy the journey of feeding little people.

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