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how to be a fully nourished mum and grow a healthy baby - free e-book
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"How to be a nourished mum and grow a healthy baby" - the free e-book for mums, science based , with naturopathic approach.

Download the e-book:

  • if you are overwhelmed with the information what a pregnant should or should not eat


  • to find out how to balance your meals in order to feel energised during the day and support your health

  • what nutrients are crucial for the mum to thrive during the pregnancy and grow a healthy child

  • what nutrients are crucial to achieve high intelligence for your child

  • what forms of nutrients to look for in the prenatal supplements

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Are you looking for a naturopathic support during your pregnancy and postnatal period?

Do you want to prevent common pregnancy problems like gestational diabetes, tiredness, thyroid problems?

Do you want to thrive as a mum and have energy to take care of your baby?

Or maybe you would like to lose the post-pregnancy weight?

I am happy to support you in your pregnancy and postnatal journey

Gosia Sojka

a Certified Nutritional Therapist

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