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Nutritional Therapy


12 weeks program

Science - based  -   Personalised   - Holistic


​Can you relate to the points below?


  • You want to balance you hormones and feel great in every moment of your month cycle

  • You want to achieve the dream weight naturally, without compromising your health

  • You want to forget about acne or eczema and to achieve clean, healthy and glowing naturally instead

  • You want to strengthen or balance your immune system 

  • You want to get up energised every morning and be fit to do things you love

  • You want to keep your brain sharp and body fit for very long

  • You wish to avoid taking invasive drugs or medication to improve your health

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Fresh Lemons
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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy applies nutritional sciences, functional medicine and elements of traditional ancient medicine in order to improve health naturally.

 Nutritional Therapy considers  existing health problems as an outcome of biochemical imbalance in our body and addresses the root causes of  disease with nutritional and lifestyle intervention. 

Your health is our priority, providing the nutritional plan we aim to achieve the highest level of your health.

We  focus on the nutrients provided in your food, diversity, quality, taste and pleasure of eating, we will put aside counting calories or putting every piece of food on a scale.

You will receive a personalised approach, therapy adjusted to your current health state, environment, lifestyle and preference

We take into account:

  • Your health history

  • Your diet diary and lifestyle

  • Your medical examination results

  • Functional medicine tests results

You will receive a support implementing the new changes in your diet so that they become your new eating lifestyle.



  • What can you get from the 12 weeks program?



  • Understanding the root cause of your health problems and addressing it naturally

  • New nutritional lifestyle supporting your health for many years


  • Reaching out for your full women's power

  • Optimal weight for you


  • Beautiful, clean and glowing skin


  • Higher comfort of your belly, improvement in your digestion

  • Healthy body and sharp brain for many years

  • High level of energy and power to take actions

What can you expect in the 12 weeks program?

Diet Plan

  • 1,5  hour initial consultation with full health  and nutritional needs assessment 

  • comprehensive nutritional plan, adjusted during the course of the program including:

    • most beneficial products to include in the diet​ and their weekly amount

    • products to be avoided or excluded from the diet

    • meal's balance

    • meals' size

    • meals' planning

    • two weeks nourishing plan with recipes

  • supplements plan

  • 10% discount for functional medicine testing (if applicable) and free interpretation and guidelines 

  • 5 follow up consultations within 12 weeks

  • Weekly e-mail or phone call support within 12 weeks 

  • shopping list  

  • natural skin treatment advice

  • personalised lifestyle and additional therapies recommendation adjusted to your personality and goals (aromatherapy, flower essences, exercise, relaxation techniques)

Heading 1

What results will you see after the 12 weeks program?

  • Improvement of your GI health: better digestion, nutrients absorption and elimination

  • Optimal body weight

  • Beautiful, clean and young looking skin

  • Balancing your hormones and feeling amazing on everyday of your cycle, regular period

  • Healthy body and sharp brain for many years

  • Higher level of energy throughout the day

  • Feeling restful and good sleep quality

  • Lower inflammation level in the body

  • Healthy pregnancy and postpatrum period

  • Potential reduction of the dosage of prescribed medications

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Side effects? ;-)


While addressing the root cause of the most troublesome health condition and changing your diet into your new healthy eating lifestyle,  the only side effect  will be

the full improvement of your health, slowing down ageing processes, beautiful look

and high energy level to follow your dreams. 


Am I the right therapist for you?

I have been on my own health journey, I know how long it took to figure out what was the root cause of my acne, PCOS and low immune function.

In the second day of my life I was given antibiotics in the hospital without any strong justification. My mum did not have influence on it. Guess what happened? The gut microbiome of a little girl became impaired from the same beginning and impacted on my further health. I have always been sick as a child and given a lot of antibiotics, also in the injection form. 

When I became a teenager I developed acne, had frequent sinusitis, my period was irregular and I was overweight. All of it impacted my self-confidence and self-love which continued in my adult life. I remember how much I was dreaming of wearing a top while having all my back covered in acne - do you know what? Few year later

I did it! 

Nowadays being a mum and having a full time job I know how busy is the life of a modern woman. We can give up on a healthy lifestyle, self-care and easily get stressed due to the lack of time. This can lead to further health impairment.


While working with me you will find a complete understanding of your health and implementing the nutritional plan gradually you will start feeling nourished, more energised and confident and you will still win more time for yourself, your family or things you love.


My mission is to help you to find a shorter path to improve your health and beauty in order to be more confident and happy and start living the life of your dreams. 

My approach

Sometimes it is easier to reach a quick improvement but ...

this just a temporary solution which at the end  can bring an opposite effect.

While doing things which serve you (nutrition, sleep, relaxation, sport, joy), slowly and in a more gentle way you achieve a higher level of satisfaction in the long term. This requires a bigger effort at the beginning but you will achieve your aim to feel happy and healthy long term. 

This will lead to developing a new nutritional lifestyle which will make you feel nourished.


In my 12 weeks program I am putting your health as a priority looking holistically at your health history, nutrition, lifestyle, personality and surrounding environment. We rarely use the word diet, the aim is to implement long term nutrition habits which will serve you for many years.


We approach your health by:


  • Improving gut health

  • Supporting detoxification

  • Regulating blood sugar level

  • Balancing hormones

  • Reducing stress level

  • Supporting mitochondria function

  • Reviewing living environment


I believe that everyone is different so you will receive

a personalised plan tailored just for you.


Together we will identify what does not serve you and

will replace it by nutritious recipes which will nourish your body. We will review your current diet and make adjustments which will serve you. 

Sometimes additional functional testing might be needed and this will be proposed at the beginning of the program in order to find the best means in the therapy for you.


Within follow up consultations we will tune the recommendations in order to make them work for you.


This is a gentle process which you want to enjoy and not to have another task in your busy life.

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My qualifications and experience

I am a certified nutritional therapist, a graduate of College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, one of the best colleges in London for natural, science based therapies. I have also attended many CBD trainings in order to broaden my knowledge and improve my therapy results, i.a. conferences organised by Integrative Healthcare and Applied Nutrition organisation with spectacular speakers. I am also a member of BANT and ANP - organisations for nutritional therapists in the UK. I am instant learner and extend my knowledge by reading books and listening to professional podcasts.


Since I graduated from the CNM I have been helping women in my online clinic. I supported women to achieve the highest level of health and beauty by improving their gut health, balancing female hormones, improving thyroid function, addressing period problems, helping to improve  skin appearance  and lose weight. We have worked on the mindset that taking care of their health is the best gift they can give to themself. This helps them to achieve higher level of confidence, female power and beauty and the energy to start living the life of their dreams.

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Get a free discovery session to see how I can help you in your health journey


I offer you the opportunity to discuss how your health is affecting your life at the moment and I can help you in your health journey.

We will look at the most troublesome health problems for you, what is causing it and how we can address it during the therapy.

We can review your health goals and see how to manifest them with nutrition and lifestyle.  It’s your 30 minutes, 1:2:1 session with me. I will provide you with as much value as I can, map out a tailored plan for your first steps towards your healthy goals.

You will get an introduction to the therapy with me and we will be able to decide whether we want to work together.

You’ll leave the session with inspiration how to start your healthier lifestyle already from this day!

Still not convinced?

Answer this truthfully:

Imagine yourself in five years from now. Do you want to suffer from the same conditions and make them even worse?

Do you want to see yourself living the same life as you are living now and not follow your dreams?

If that’s a NO, maybe it’s a good time to do something about it?

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to know that you did everything you could to create the life you always wanted with excellent health?

Because, what's the alternative?

  • Letting your hormones control your mood?

  • Low confidence because of your skin appearance?

  • Waking up with no energy and trying to survive the day?

  • Low self esteem because you still have not achieved your dream weight?

  • Not doing sport, dance, going on your dream holidays because your health is holding you back?

“Health is the greatest gift,

Contentment the greatest wealth

Faithfulness the best relationship” –


Remember, big changes always start with small decisions. Choose to take action today.

I would be more than happy to help you successfully move forward with your health, the most presious thing we have in our life. 

I can’t wait to see you very soon!

Gosia Sojka - Nutritional Therapist

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