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Functional Medicine Testing

Deeper assessment of your health and nutritional needs

  • 15 min
  • Price Varies
  • Online

Service Description

Functional medicine testing can provide a clearer picture of the underlying causes for symptoms and allow resolution of difficult to address and treat problems. I help to find an appropriate test, right place to perform it, interpretation of the test result and finding the right support. The tests interpretation is included in the consultation price. In my practice I use the following tests: - Comprehensive Stool Test (IBS, tummy pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, autism, ADHD, hormonal imbalance) - Organic Acid Test looking at metabolic imbalance in the body (chronic illnesses and neurological disorders, suspected deficiencies) - cortisol and adrenal hormones (for people exposed to stress) - full woman's hormonal panel - full thyroid panel - hair sample test (for mineral deficiencies or heavy metals) For more details you can check at the following link:

Contact Details

Gouda, Netherlands

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