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Blossom nutrtional therapy Malgorzata Sojka

'I help women to transform their health
and beauty naturally so that they feel nourished and thriving again'

Gosia Sojka
Certified Nutritional Therapist for Women

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Food has been used for centuries to keep people nourished and healthy, nowadays medicinal and healing properties of nutrition are confirmed by  science. 

Well-balanced diet with healthy lifestyle helps to boost our energy, reduce pain, improve digestion, absorption and detoxification, slow down ageing process, reverse some disease (like diabetes), balance hormones, make our skin glowing and the most important improves our general well being .

Our body is home for our mind and soul  and we apply holistic approach while working with clients taking care of clients' needs and values and helping them to overcome blocking obstacles from living healthier life.

I am here to guide you how to improve your health, beauty and wellness but still keep in mind  that everyone is responsible for its own health. 

Together we can achieve amazing results!


  • your health is our highest priority

  • everyone  is unique - we consider your needs, experience and lifestyle

  • client's  needs come first

  • empathy and understanding - you will be heard but not judged

  • professional advice based on the recent science research

  • an encouragement to implement the healthy changes in your nutrition and lifestyle

  • simple tips to make big change


"How to be a nourished mum and grow a healthy baby" - the free e-book for mums, science based , with naturopathic approach.

Download the e-book:

if you are overwhelmed with the information what a pregnant should or should not eat

to find out how to balance your meals in order to feel energised during the day and support your health

what nutrients are crucial for the mum to thrive during the pregnancy and grow a healthy child

what nutrients are crucial to achieve high intelligence for your child

what forms of nutrients to look for in the prenatal supplements

Please head over to the website to download the new e-book available for all pregnant and postnatal mums

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My name is Gosia and I am a Certified Nutritional Therapist for Women, a graduate from College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, one of the best school for natural therapies in the UK.
Nutritional therapy is my passion and also a result of my own healing journey from acne, hormonal imbalance and low immune system. The path to healing my body helped me to decide what is my life purpose - to help others to find a shorter path to achieve their highest level of health and I am here for you.
I am also a mother of a 5,5 years old boy and a big fun of kids nutrition, I use my knowledge to grow a happy and healthy boy and help busy parents on the journey of nourishing their children. 



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Elwira, 27 years old

At the moment I am full of life, I feel healthy and happy, weight? From 95 kg, now 66 kg. After insomnia and lack of strength, there is no trace, my menstruation was regulated, which I had once every 4 months. I don't have any Hashimoto's and IO discomfort, I live my life to the fullest. I recommend Gosia to everyone, because if I had missed her, I would have been sitting sad and sick on the couch for sure. Thanks to Gosia, I changed not only my diet, but also my whole lifestyle and way of thinking. I became a strong and full of myself woman, ended my toxic relationship, moved to another city, found a job and love. All my life upside down. It all started with Gosia, for which I am extremely grateful to her. I never thought that from such a seemingly small thing as nutrition and exercise, it could affect anything. Gosia has extensive knowledge, is full of commitment and professional in what she does. I would highly recommend!

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Agata, 37 years old

Małgosia is highly skilled and dedicated nutritionist. She helped me a great deal to overcome many of incorrect habits and introduce lots of positive changes in my diet and lifestyle. She put great effort and a lot of time to support me throughout my journey to a healthier me. I knew I could count on her advise if I had any doubts or questions and cheering to keep me motivated. Her knowledge and experience are perfectly complemented by her positive and supporting attitude. I strongly recommend!

Gosia, 39 years old

Individual approach and perfection in every detail

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Marcin, 39 years old

I would highly recommend Malgosia as nutritionist and specialist in the field of many sophisticated diets.
When a friend of mine told me about her I was suffering from advanced atopic dermatisis. Thanks to her instructions and very encouraging way of treating me after one month half of the skin was totally 'cleansed'.

Later on she advised me what kind of food I should and should not 'mix' during my particular meals... it was genious... After two months not only my skin was in a perfect condition but also I knew exactly how to prepare easy meal that are healthy and do not take much time to prepare them.
It was very practical and useful.


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