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The vitamin which can help with morning sickness

Yes, there have been some research confirming that vitamin B6 can help pregnant women with morning sickness. Morning sickness is an unpleasant feeling leaving the mum not eating enough food or become dehydrated if it takes a severe form.

Providing adequate amount of vitamin B6 already before pregnancy can help prevent morning sickness. However also when it happens already during pregnancy there have been studies supporting supplementation in the amount of 50-100 mcg/day if you do get this common pregnancy symptom. The best form to chose is the active form of Pyridoxal-5- phosphate (P5P). If you have any doubts on supplementation please contact your health provider.

Another tool which help with morning sickness is ginger tea, having it will also help your digestion and immune system.

If you are looking for more information how to support yourself during pregnancy please have a look at additional pregnancy blog posts or check my pregnancy program offer if you need a stronger support and guidance.

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