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Every person is different and has different body shape. This is partially determined by our genes but they are not the only ones which play part in how our body looks like

If we gain weight we have a tendency to accumulate the fat in certain areas. Some people can easily grow their hips and their body is acquiring the pear shape. On the other hand some people have tendency to accumulate fat around their belly resulting in rather apple shape body type.

Actually the fat around the belly is not only the fat which is under our skin but additionally it is the fat which accumulates around our internal organs - it is called visceral abdominal fat (VAT).

VAT contains larger fat cells which have a higher insulin - resistance as well as more receptors for our stress response chemicals like cortisol. Robert N. Nagosky in the book ‚Why zebras do not get ulcers’ explains it more detailed how stress can affect the accumulation of the fat, he says that it is not only because of the stress itself but also the perception of the stressors or even ability to turn it off.

Apart from stress the nutrition plays a big role in the fat deposition around the belly - diet very high in starchy food, carbohydrates, alcohol fructose, sugar desensitise the insulin receptors in the body helping the fat cells to grow further.

Additionally as Mark Hyman explains eating a combination of high carbohydrates and fat (doughnut for example) in one meal increase the insulin level in the body what help the fat we eat just to be stored immediately.

What is worth to mention that the adipose tissue around our waist can produce estrogen - this worth to look with ladies who might be prone to estrogen dominance - for example endometriosis.

This tissue can also produce pro-inflammatory substances around our body leading to different signs of chronic inflammation - that’s why I am a big fun of the principles of anti-inflammatory diet (a bit more in another post).

So what can we do to reduce the visceral fat?

- Manage our stress, there are many techniques which can help: exercising, being in nature, meditation, watching a movie, different types of therapies are some of many things we can implement into our life

- Exercise: resistant training or high intensity interval training are one of the best options to sentisize the insulin receptors

- Try walking after the bigger meal - this helps to balance blood sugar level

- Reduce carbohydrates, yes, these are our favourite cookies, cakes, ice cream or pizzas, I suggest to watch the proportion of carbohydrates to proteins as well the proportion of carbohydrates to fibre in your meals - aim for the lowest proportion as possible

And if you are looking for further support I am here for you. Why not to book a free consultation? We can review together how we can improve your health, body shape with nutrition.

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