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Get your Stomach Ready for the Summer Holidays

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

How to support your stomach during holidays and prevent indigestion, bloating and what intervention to take in case of food poisoning.

I love summer ☀️ and can’t wait to go on holidays in the middle of July ⛱️.

Summer season gives us plenty of opportunities to go to different places than our home – we change environment, country, even a continent and these changes mean quite often a different microbial ecosystem (in food, water, nature) comparing to the one we have at home - this has a direct impact on our own microbiome which we host in our gut or skin.

We also like to try local food, choose to eat differently – sometimes things we do not really eat at home on daily basis or eat a bit less – because it is holidays and we want to enjoy 😉

For our stomach such little changes can be sometimes a bit challenging and it can respond with more bloating, indigestions or even stronger responses like acute stomach pain. There are though still things we can do to prevent ourselves from having strong response to the new environment and to support our digestive system so that we can enjoy the holidays to the fullest.

Please look at some of my tips at how to support your stomach during and even before the holidays start:

* Always clean fruits and vegetables with water to avoid any contaminations.

* Eat well cooked animal sourced products like fish, meat or eggs.

* Drink cooked water or bottled mineral water – try to avoid drinking tap water unless you are certain you can have it.

* One week before travelling start taking probiotics which can help you to support gut microbiome while getting introduced to the new environment during the holidays. Continue taking them during the entire holidays – preferably on an empty stomach.

* With big meals (especially containing higher amount of animal proteins) consider using digestive enzymes which will help to avoid indigestion symptoms like burping, bloating and make you feel a bit more comfortable. You can also try to drink half a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the meal.

On the picture below you may find some of my favorite probiotics and digestive enzymes worth to consider to have with you during the holidays.

How to overcome food poisoning during holidays?

The change in environment, different food, another way of preparation can cause quite unpleasant symptoms of food poisoning.

If it happens to you the first thing to consider is avoiding food for one day.

However if you feel too much hungry please consider easy to digest food for few days:

* Congee (a rice cooked with higher amount of water)

* boiled potatoes,

* cooked root vegetables (particularly carrot) are very gentle for your stomach,

* delicate chicken broth,

* soft boiled eggs,

* white fish,

* white meat are another good options to try.

You need to be very gentle to your stomach so avoid fried food, high amount of fat and proteins for this time, your stomach will not be able to digest them anyway. And if you are worried to eat too much carbs (starchy food) during such time (some people are on low- carb diet) – please remember this is a short term intervention and you can come back to your everyday eating once the stomach is healed.

There are also few things which are great in case of food poisoning and it would be highly recommend it have them with you while travelling:

  1. A probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardi – a well- researched probiotic which has been proven to support your body in case of acute diarrhea and helps to come back to a normal state of your stomach

  2. Activated charcoal – a great tool to help with indigestion, bloating and loose stool, also good in case of big party with a bit more alcohol than normal as it helps to release the toxins out

  3. Potato starch – everyone most probably has it in the cupboards – it is also a great , low – cost product which can help with acute stomach issues like diarrhea

If you got interested in this e-mail and need a personalized support you can contact me directly to see what are the best option for you.

I wish you great summer holidays and hope to speak with you soon.


🌸 Gosia 🌸

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