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When I came across this recipe, I thought it would be interesting. I used to soak buckwheat grains to make one-ingredient pancakes and the effects were tasty, so I thought that you should give this bread a chance as well.

Soaking the grains (and if you want to know, buckwheat is not officially considered a grain - it is the flower grain of a plant that is related to rhubarb and sorrel) causes them to activate and the nutrients they contain become more digestible.

This bread needs to be soaked for 3 days - it seems quite a long time, but you actually don't need to do anything else except pour water over it and mix it once a day. The secret of this bread lies in proper soaking.

So what do we need?

330g of unroasted buckwheat (light)

0.5 liters of water

0.5 tablespoons of salt


0.3 cups of linseed

30 g of shelled pumpkin seeds

30 g of shelled sunflower seeds

1 teaspoon of cumin

The groats should be poured over with water and set aside for 48 hours - I used a closed heat-resistant vessel for this. You will see bubbles appearing shortly thereafter to indicate fermentation. You can mix 1-2 times in between.

Then, put the prepared groats into a blender and mix with salt until smooth. After blending, add the grains and put them into a baking dish greased with coconut oil or clarified butter.

Let stand for another 8-12 hours at room temperature.

Bake for about 80 minutes at 180-160 ° C.

So will you try?

I wish you a tasty meal!

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