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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

We have plenty of hormones which imbalances play great role in weight management.

The different hormones imbalances are even indicating where the fat gain is showing up. But also

If you are struggling to lose weight these markers would be interesting to check:

  • Estrogen/progesterone imbalance: weight gain in hips, thighs; water retention; low thyroid/metabolism

  • Testosterone/DHEA imbalance: decreased lean muscle, low metabolic rate; abdominal obesity

  • Cortisol imbalance: increased appetite, sugar cravings, and belly fat; inhibits thyroid function and metabolism

  • Vitamin D3 deficiency: hyperinsulinemia; visceral fat

  • TSH elevated: hypothyroidism, low metabolic rate, obesity

  • Fasting Insulin: insulin resistance, abdominal obesity

these are the factors which are connected with insulin resistance:

- high insulin

- high cortisol

- high HbA1c

- high stress level

  • HbA1c: predictive of type 2 diabetes

If you need support in balancing your hormones please do not forget that I prepared a free e-book on how to balance your hormones naturally. And also feel free to book a free 30 mins consultation with me I am here for You.

The picture comes from the Stephen Cabral webpage.

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