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How to raise a girl to become a healthy woman?

A grandma had uterine fibroid, another grandma thyroid issue, the mother had acne and PCOS, there are migraines running throughout the generations or insulin resistance and diabetes - quite often the same patterns exist in the family.

Shall we blame our genes for it?

Not always - sometime these can be just the eating habits which are common in one family, also the environment we are raised in or just the lifestyle habits which run throughout the generations.

So there is a good news - these diseases do not have to be the destiny for a new little girl who joins the family. She still can grow to become a healthy woman..

Our eating patters, lifestyle and environment all have impact on our genes expression.

So what can we do to support a girl's health to become a healthy woman?

  1. Take care of her gut health from the early age. Quite often we are giving sweets as the reward or a gift - such a pattern exists in our families -sweets are making no good to the child! Sugar can feed unhealthy yeasts or bacterias in the gut diminishing the amount of healthy gut microbiome which is very important for the immune system, good mood or detoxification (also hormones detoxification).

  • Take care of her immunity - and here the gut is coming back again as around 80% of our immune cells are located around the gut (GALT). So feed her with plenty of diverse vegetables, fruits, fibre rich food - whole grains. Never give up after the child refuses to eat a product, sometimes you just need to present it even 15 times so that she will taste it.

  • Avoid plenty of dairy products - many children develop sinusitis or tonsillitis in the connection to the dairy consumption. The treatment for it is mainly antibiotics -> this then turns into impaired gut microbiome and reduction of further immunity. Higher intakes of dairy products may be associated with greater insulin resistance, this can drive PCOS, acne or obesity in the later age.

  • Chose organic meat and meat products - meat is important for children as this is the best absorbable form of iron, provides also vit. B12 and good quality of protein. However non-organic meat can contain very high amount of antibiotics which can be delivered to the body. This antibiotics are used for the animals to grow faster and bigger impacting their hormones. These antibiotics have also impact on your child's hormones and we do not want the hormones to be disruptive.

  • Provide good quality fats - fatty fish, nuts and seeds, avocado, butter, olive oil. Many hormones are steroid hormones wich building blocks are build of fat. Good quality fats are also great for the immunity.

  • Provided good proteins in her diet, proteins are important for growth, providing building blocks for DNA as well for hormones. Many teenage girls not having enough proteins in the diet suffer from ammenorhea or irregular periods..

  • Encourage her to exercise and express herself in dancing, playing or other form of artistic activity - they help balancing women's hormones. Heavy exercise for girls as they increase androgens production.

  • Avoid xenoestrogens - these are the substances which can interact with the estrogen receptors in the body and can impair the natural hormones. Xenoestrogens are present im plastic, in cosmetics (like parabens,phthalates, triclosan), pesticides so make the right cosmetic choices from the start, avoid very chemical cleaning products and avoid serving food in plastic (for little children we have nowadays very nice bamboo option).

  • Make her a friend of the nature and let her be outside a lot. In her adult life, when the stress level goes up, she will have a tool in her hand how to relax.

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