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I am in contact with many people online, we exchange messages, speak face to face or comment on Facebook groups.

Many of them have health problems, very often correlated with diet, but they claim they eat healthy.

What does it really mean eating healthy?

Does it mean that you eat salad for lunch and a portion of veggies for dinner? But you still are eating a cake for a dessert every day.

Does it mean that you chose to eat organic? But then you drink a portion of alcohol every day

Does it mean that you eat whole grains? But still your meal is not balanced with healthy proteins, fats and vegetables

It is important to answer yourself truthfully what does it really mean eating healthy for me? Because if you do not feel well in your body maybe something needs to be changed.

The thing is: what have brought you to the current health condition will not help to get rid of it. There need to be a change applied in order to start feeling better. And, of course, this change does not concern diet only, it is also about your lifestyle and mindset.

And I am not saying I am perfect in ‚eating healthy’- I follow the rule of 80:20 - min. 80% eating healthy and nourishing my body, 20% - bit naughty.

But there were moments when I had to be really strict in order to bring my health back. And it was worth it!

Everyone has a choice but if you are not happy with your health status and are looking for help just be honest with you - we are more clever than we think we are - we exactly know what is good for us, especially if we put our health as a priority.

So what do you think? It would be great to hear your opinion what healthy mean for you

And if you want to figure out what is really healthy eating for you I am more than happy to discuss it with you on a free 30 mins consultation.

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