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A biochemical approach to thyroid hormones synthesis.

It is very common to receive the hormone substitution after your thyroid results are not satisfactory and there is a sign of hypothyroidism. But… maybe there is another side of the thyroid hormones being low?

From biochemical perspective the production of thyroid hormones is a complicated process which starts in the brain (production of TRH and TSH) ending with other organs like liver, kidney or spleen where the majority of conversion of T4 to T3 happens.

All the processes require a broad spectrum of nutrients as cofactors. I would like to draw your attention to some of them.

IODINE - approximately 80% of iodine we consume is used to produce thyroxine in the body. There is a small controversy if it is good to supplement with iodine in terms of Hashimoto disease - if it is too much it might stimulate production of TPO leading to increase of anti-TPO antibodies. However adequate amount should be provided for the body.

SELENIUM - adequate selenium nutrition supports efficient thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism and protects the thyroid gland from damage by excessive iodide exposure

ZINC - it participates in the synthesis of TRH in the brain, it also contributes to T4 to T3 conversion

IRON - its deficiency impairs thyroid hormone synthesis by reducing activity thyroid peroxidase - the enzyme which plays a role in production of the hormones in the thyroid. For the thyroid to work optimally ferritin (the storage of iron in the body) level should be above 70 ng/ml

VITAMINE D - low vitamin D level is associated with auto-immune thyroid disease - Hashimoto, deficiency is considered if lower than 50 nmol/L

Other important nutrients which need to be considered for thyroid hormones synthesis are:

Vitamine A Vitamine E Vitamine B2, B3, B6 Vitamine C

Just shortly summary: in order for the thyroid hormones to work properly we need not only certain organs to work properly, putting thyroid in the first place, but also specific nutrients of which we might be deficient. It is worth checking the nutrients level in order to make sure your thyroid will work in optimised way.

If you need more support for your thyroid please book a free 30 mins consultation where I will guide you to optimising your thyroid health.

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