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Hand up who agrees that exercise is good for us!

Have you wondered though, as a woman, if you might need different type of exercise adjusted to your natural cycle?

Woman's hormonal cycle last 28 days and the level of hormones is changing through the period.

Here is some of background of your hormones influencing your performance.

Estrogen and progesterone are low during the first phase - these are the days when gentle exercise are highly recommended -yoga and stretching.

During days 5 through 15, estrogen rises, boosting circulation and strength. It promotes glucose availability and uptake into muscles fibre giving them more energy - you can push your hardest :)

During the last 12 days of the cycle, progesterone causes the gut to slow down and core temperature to increase. Endurance activities, such as longer sets, are recommended for those periods.

Studies show that for women with PCOS where insulin resistance is the the main cause, aerobic exercises 3 times a week are improving the insulin uptake into the cells.

However very high intensity exercise can lead to increase of cortisol and androgens level - this is important to note, sometimes we exercise so much in order to lose weight but when cortisol level is higher losing weight is becoming more difficult.

Also too much exercise, as a case of athletes woman, can lead to so called hypothalamic amenorrhea due to low level of LH and FSH hormones leading to estrogen deficiency.

One of my favourite form of exercise is dancing as it allows to express myself. It also increases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins level making you smile and feel you have done a good job. Other forms of exercises also increase these mood lifting hormones.

Share with me your favourite physical exercise

If you are looking how to support your beautiful woman's body naturally during your cycle phases feel free to book a free 30 mins consultation and contact me.

There is also a special free e-book on my webpage promoting seed cycling according to your cycle and helping balancing your hormones.

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