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The sun vitamin D

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

We are in the best period of time when we can increase our vitamin D level naturally while exposing our skin to the sun. It is worth looking more detailed at this vitamin and see how we can benefit from it and how important it is to our bodies. Especially in the presence of covid-19 virus we need to mention its immune modulating role. In the below blog post you will also find information what is important to maximise vitamin D production or absorption.

Here some facts on vitamin D role in our bodies:

- Radiation from sun exposure triggers a precursor of cholesterol disposition under the skin to produce cholecalciferol which then is turned into active form( the production takes place first in the liver and then in the kidneys).

-It activates hundreds of different genes and protein synthesis what can prevent from different diseases prevalence

-It supports immune system

-It regulates absorption of calcium from GI track so helps us to grow strong and healthy bones

- It makes steroid hormones receptors more sensitive and regulates production of the steroid hormones like sexual hormones or cortisol

- Low vitamin D predispose us to wide variety of estrogen driven cancers

- It helps to keep the tight junction in GI track prevent intestinal permeability (what can lead to leaky gut)

- Low vitamin D contributes also in keeping onboard chronic disease like autoimmune disease

- it is a cofactor for serotonin production - neurotransmitter connected with good mood

There are few important things to know while thinking about vitamin D level and why sometimes it is not going up despite supplementation.

- to absorb vitamin D which is a fat soluble vitamin we need to have sufficient amount of digestive enzymes and bile function - so important to take care of your liver

- The body needs magnesium to convert Vitamin D to its final usable form (despite if it comes from sunshine exposure or supplement). So we need to make sure that we have sufficient amount of Magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most deficient mineral nowadays.

- It is naturally produced in our bodies only in the period between spring and early autumn in our altitude (for example Poland, UK) because it requires the right angle of sun. The sun is only at the right angle (higher than 50 degrees) above the horizon between May and September from 10am to 3pm. Only then the UVB radiation is present. So even if you get sunburt in the middle of winter on the ski slope - your vitamin D is not produced (this is due to UVA radiation).

- The highest production of vitamin D in our body is on your forearms and calves so great to expose them as much as possible in the sun

- The amount of vitamin D (after the last exposure which possibly is in September) drops by half after three weeks and after another 3 weeks it drops further down by half so in January it might be very low what sometimes might be connected with low mood or winter depression.

There is a great app called @d-minder which helps to assess your vitamin D level and also follow your daily potential production of this sun vitamin. It is free to download.

☀️Take care of your vitamin D level and enjoy the sun!☀️

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