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Since childhood I have loved doing jigsaws.. When you start from one piece you end up with beautiful picture made of plenty of them.

Our health is like the big picture and there are plenty of jigsaws which create it.

Hormones are one of the jigsaws- there are approximately 50 hormones in our bodies and their action impact our physiological responses, digestion, metabolism, sleep, mood. They are super important and when they get out of balance it can impact our wellbeing. This is very important especially women - for us the hormones shift a lot within one month cycle.

The good news is that we do not have to be the victims of them, we can just support them and make work not against us but just for us- if we take care of them they will pay back with good well- being.

While implementing natural approach to taking care of hormones I stopped having PCOS, the cycle become regular. For other women it can help with:

- Lower PMS symptoms

- regulating period

- Reducing acne

- Slowing down the inflammation process for women with endometriosis

- Reducing menopause symptoms

- Better sleep

'Big changes start with small steps’ - so if you want to address your hormones start now - and I am giving you a great free tool for the start.

I will be happy to receive your feedback on it and if you are planning to implement some of the advice.

Now will be a good start.

You can download it for free from this link.

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