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Why was it good acne happened to me?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I went through a long journey with acne but I succeeded healing it. Read my history and get inspired :)

All my teenage life and part of my adulthood I have had acne. I was trying to cover it using make-up (not very professional in the early age) or going through different medications like antibiotics, contraceptive pills, steroids or topical acne medications finishing with very strong medication -reacutane. I believed all of them would have helped me but after I stopped medication my acne came back, it appeared even on my back (my teenage dream was to wear a top with naked back :) )

So I decided exploring natural medicine: herbs, homeopathy and started noticing difference (the symptoms became less sever). Cutting out sugar and stopping feeding Candida in my gut was a breaking point. So I got interested in nutrition and its impact on our gut health and overall health (becoming a nutritional therapist few years after).

So why was it good to have acne? Because my body gave me signs! It showed the whole body was imbalanced, not just the skin. It was great that the skin showed it to me and not that another disease showed up later on! There are studies showing that people with acne are more prone to breast or prostate cancer later in life.

What I have learned about acne and want to teach others:

  • acne is connected with imbalance sugar level in our body

  • acne shows that we have inflammation in our body (including inflammation in our gut)

  • acne is a sign of hormonal imbalance

  • acne shows that the detoxification system is impaired (good news - even it might be genetic you can still support it)

  • acne shows we are eating food which is not good for us and some of product definitely need to go away (like sugar!)

  • acne might be triggered by our stress and it is important to address it

The good news is that while acne comes to us to show something, even better news is that while we are addressing root cause of acne our overall health improves a lot. Nutritional therapy gives great support for acne healing!

Please check out my 12 weeks program during which we will naturally address the root causes of your acne. You are also welcome to have a free discovery call with me to see how I can help you.

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