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Why only me in the family has acne?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I can hear this question quite often. Brothers or sister might not care of their food or beauty treatments and their skin still looks good. This sounds a bit unfair, doesn’t it?

Even though the siblings inherited similar genes from their parents their health history might be different, some might have taken more medications than the others, some might have been exposed to food poisoning and some more or less to different toxins.

Another important point is that while you have acne your sister or brother might suffer from other symptoms which are not so much visible as your complexion.

After being acne sufferer I know that acne is the external manifestation of what is happening inside our bodies. The body just wants to show us that there is something not in balance.

From my perspective it is good the body is showing this to us on the skin - everyone can see it is disturbing us so much that we want to take care of it.

Just we need to take the right path to healing.

And from my own health history I must say that if we do not clear acne from inside out the problem will be coming back to us. As long as we will be putting the ‘plaster’ on it by using harsh external topical products or internal medications.

From nutritional therapy perspective there are different root causes of your acne :

food intolerance – dairy is one of the biggest acne trigger so watch out for it, sugar and chocolate can be another one.

Imbalanced gut microbiome - this can lead to ‘leaky gut’ allowing bigger particles and toxins to get into the blood stream causing body reaction

impaired body detoxification – your liver, kidney, lymphatic system and skin are detoxification organs in our body – if they are not working at their 100% the skin might take over the action

blood sugar imbalance – which can lead to insulin resistance and increase androgens production in the ovaries leading to acne

Stress – the substances produced during stress in our bodies can trigger androgen overproduction which can lead to acne

I address all above issues in my 12 weeks program – we are looking through your diet by removing triggering food, adding the food which will help healing, support your gut health, detoxification and hormones.

Would you like to find out more about my program? You are welcome for a free call with me to see possibilities of supporting your acne.


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