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Teas are a great way to support natural acne therapy - they can help in many different ways, some are reducing inflammation, some help regulating blood sugar level, some help reducing androgens overproduction in the body and some support detoxification. It is worth using them regularly on daily basis.

GREEN TEA - it is a great source of very potent substance called polyphenols (in particular EGCG), which suppress the inflammatory chemicals called cytokines and prostaglandin. Recently it has also been reported to inhibit the enzyme 5 alfa reductase which is responsible for production of acne-promoting dihydrotestosterone. It is also great to be used topically as a tonic.

PALSY (Viola odorata) - this beautiful herb helps to detoxify the body and improves metabolism. Due to anti-inflammatory flavonoids and salicylates palsy can support healing of the spots on the skin if used topically

SPEARMINT- this androgen reducing herb is a great addition for support hormonal acne. There is a study which ahows that drinking spearmint tea twice a day for 30 days significantly reduced plasma levels of gonadotropins and androgen (free testosterone) for women with hirsutism and PCOS, avoid while having acid reflux

LICORICE - a herb which helps balancing blood sugar level, imbalanced blood sugar level can lead to insulin resistance and further to overproduction of androgens in the ovaries - be cautious if you have high blood pressure

TULSI - this is a gentle adaptogen which helps to support stress level, especially beneficial for acne sufferers, it helps to reduce cortisol level - higher cortisol might be a cause of higher androgens in our bodies

Do you like herbal teas? Which one is your favourite?

If you are looking for more support with acne or high androgens you are welcome to contact me will be more than happy to help you:) Feel free to book a free 30 mins consultation .

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