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Beetroot cooler - amazing recipe for hot summer days

What's not better for hot summer days than a cooling soup. This recipe you will really love. It is very popular in Poland and I am sure almost everyone has it at least once in summer time.

It is made from beet chards which are amazing source of many vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body: iron combined with vitamin C, vitamin K, beta carotenes and others.

Beets belong to the Chenopod family of plants where we can also find spinach, quinoa, amaranth (amaranth) and other types of beetroots. They contain a special pigment (red or yellow) called betalaine, which is recognized as a particularly valuable phytonutrient supporting the human nervous system, including the eyes.

The original recipe has cow's dairy - if you are not sensitive to cow's dairy you can still use it - I replaced it with goat's kefir and yogurt (which has less pro-inflammatory properties).


1 bunch of beetroots with leaves

500ml water

400g of kefir or curled milk (best goat’s or sheep’s)

2 tbs of chopped chives

2 tbs of chopped dill

2 small cucumbers (optional) cut in dices

1 garlic clove grated

1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar


The beets need to be chopped in small dices and gently cook, at the end of cooking please add the cut leaves. When it cools down add all the remaining ingredients and mix. Decorate with cooked eggs. 🥬

The beetroot chards can also be used in other dishes, just like spinach, you can make quiche with them, scrambled eggs, add to salads or smoothies. 🌞

Are you going to try this recipe or you know already that it tastes great? 🌞

I wish you great summer holidays ☀️

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