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Super green green pea soup with an apple

I love vegetable soups, they are an easy way to implement 5 portions of vegetables a day, as a soup can bring already two of them. Hot food is great for our stomach, it is easily digestible, nutrients can be better absorbed and increase our satiety. I loved when my friend cooked this soup, recipe comes from Polish webpage"Jadłonomia"with some of mine modifications.

We need:

900 g of cooked green pea

2 white parts of leek

4 celery sticks

5 cubes of frozen spinach

2 apples (best would be rennets)

3 spoons of coconut oil (or 5 spoons of olive oil)

salt, herbs the Provance, tarragon, rosmary, turmeric - according to your tastes

Please chop the leak and fry on the oil. Add chopped celery and spices and fry a bit longer. We add the other ingredients plus 6 glasses of water (or bulion) and cook for about 20 minutes. At the end we add spinach in order to make her super green. After cooling down a bit the soup is ready to be blended

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