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Gut microbiome is highly correlated with the skin microbiome.

Some ladies are saying that whenever they have digestive issue their skin breaks out - it can be acne, rosacea or eczema.

I can confirm that I experienced the same when I used to have tummy pains. In those times I was getting some more pimples and even worse - my mood was going down.

Do you think there could be connection between our digestion issues and our skin? Have you ever experienced it? If you think so the below post will explain it to you why it could happen.

There is a strong correlation between gut microbiome and the skin microbiome. So for example if we were using antibiotics in the past your good gut bacterias could have been removed either allowing other pathogenic bugs to develop in your bowel.

Another point is that the pathogenic bacterias or fungi in your gut could have impacted the gut wall lining leading to so called ‚leaky gut’ syndrome - this can cause ‚leaking’ of the toxins from your intestines into the blood stream. The toxins come from the digestive food but can also be the byproducts of the bad bacterias or yeasts which might be present in our gut.

And the bad bacterias can also mess up with our hormones and I am sure that every woman who has suffered from acne can confirm how much the hormones play the role. The bacterias can produce substances (like glucoronidase) which makes the hormones, that are ready for excretion, to come back to the blood stream again so additional amount of hormones is circulating in your body.

On the other hand the good bacterias are needed to help the elimination process, they metabolise the food, increase the transit time so that the toxins do not get stuck in our bodies.

Nutritional therapy uses so called 5R protocol which helps to restore the digestive health what can lead to healthier skin.

* Remove. - bad bacterias, toxins or unhealthy food from your diet * Replace. - health supporting food, additional digestive support * Repopulate. With new good gut bacterias * Repair. - gut lining * Rebalance


And if you would like to hear a bit more about the 5R protocol and how the nutritional therapy can help please send me a message so we can speak about it - it is a free 30 mins call for you to explore how you can start feeling better with your body :)

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